saturday 09/05/2009

So i have an miss twice cr.

Ill buy it.put it in my private sales.thanks.smiley

I have chan now close plz/

Ill buy for 400

No longer need yayoi

I am willing to trade:
and rahtnah
for :

Striker and lamar
pm me for offers

4 900 clintz i should say

Selling my chad bread cr max for 19k smiley

I'm looking for 0xp Sylth for 4500.
Will also trade for it.
Pm me for offers.

Id like to buy these cards for :
Robb 1.1k clintz
Loma Noju 1k clintz

pm me or send the card in private sales smiley

I am looking for the higher ones like elvira, Marco,Alec, etc

Preferably 6k or anything below market price.
PM me for negotiations. Thanks. smiley

Close please

Pls. close. i have a petra.

Close this please
i already sold it to someone
pls close

I meant 2K

I buy level 1 i buy it for 1750-1895clintz

I need i niva and im willing to give u 2 askais. if u want to trade let me know.

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