saturday 24/04/2010

Join us.
For we share strats an fun, Learn an train.

An soon we will be there right at the top.
(or atleast at some place we can see the top smiley)

TEEF is a guild dedicated to superior oral hygiene. Strict rules are enforced to assure that members achieve and maintain beautiful teeth.

The following attributes are necessary to join TEEF:

-Applicant’s teeth must be completely white
-Applicant must brush their teeth at least 3 times an hour, and must visit the dentist at least once a week for whitening and cleaning of teeth
-Applicant must carry around one of the following products to maintain this whiteness: Whiteout, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, or Crest Whitestrips
-Surface area of applicant’s front teeth must be at least 20cm²
-Applicant must be related to either a rabbit or a beaver

Current members must also abide to these guidelines.

Guild Motto: “Brush your teeth three times an hour, your teeth will be as white as flour.”

Join now

friday 23/04/2010

We need 2 players, one english and one french, level, +50, who can be the admin for english and french people!!! smileysmileysmiley


Umm Guild link is here i tried doing the hyper link but seems it didn't work, so ill try again with and have my guild link.



but if he wasnt an admin then he would spam our boards till FM eventually made him admin XD

smileyJOIN Semi-pro X A BULLY FREE GUILD LEVEL 9+ smiley

We arer still looking for good players

I offer a lot of opinions for decks among all the different rooms.

I tend to be very active now that my internet is working again! smiley

I play Fang Pi Clang and Montana

I am a very nice and patient person.

thursday 22/04/2010

I'll think about it.

Please remember we are all human, I think. So please be patient, we cannot get to you instantly bcause we need sleep, go to work, and etc. Please be patient about being accept.

wednesday 21/04/2010

Now taking in all applicants... Social guild looking for anyone wanting to trade/sell, train/learn, etc etc..

Just looking for a few good ppl to chill and enjoy the fame with

Looking for fresh players, visitors welcome for 2 week stay on guild related upkeep and message board layout application, only applicant level 70 above, ty! arrrgh! smiley
GG's! smileysmileysmiley

Are you kidding me? Please get out , NOW!! Go mess up someone else's thread. How about making a new one huh? Maybe thats better instead of going into another recruiting thread and sabotaging it. Get out Now, PLEASE.

Must be level 10 or better
if you like elo then join i just started it so i might take a little to get going

We're having a contest in the guild,
promoting the expand our numbers.

If you guys can join,
make sure to let the guild know
that you found it through me. smiley

Just make sure to put my name underneath your comment/reply.
Thanks so much,

tuesday 20/04/2010 should've stuck an L in between the a and i of pain...then it'd be more american-ey...seriously...who wouldn't want to join the elite of palin?

monday 19/04/2010

Well...our guild is still doing pretty well, friendly as hell as well

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