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friday 30/04/2010

thursday 29/04/2010

You won't be disappointed you did.

Elo turney up

Chapter 7: Deep venture

The drill was still operating. They looked across the room to the passageway Dacote took to get here, running from the V2s and almost getting trapped by the closing wall.

Then they heard banging on the walls. They gave each other looks. “Maybe you should check it out, I’ll stay here and hold them back if they get through” Robb said. Eyrton nodded and went off, robb watching him go.

Robb looked at the control panels. He added another dart into his bat, the dart became liquefied, then the bat did. But then it multiplied, separated itself and hardened into two razor sharp blades.

The pounding at the door continued and robb sliced right through the door, almost stabbing strynge. The door stuck to his blades and Robb threw it right across the room, along with the gheist. “STAY OUT OF MY WAY!” Robb bellowed.

Eyrton took his time as he walked the length of the stone corridors, careful to not miss any secret passageways as he was looking for the entrance to the place Asporov was talking about. If it wasn’t in the temple they came from, they must’ve been a few feet off.

He ran back when he reached the dead end. When he got to the drill room, he looked across the room to see the door opened. He half expected to see robb getting beat down in the room but wasn’t too surprised to see the mangled bodies of strynge and vryer. He looked to his left. There was a small opening in the wall that wasn’t there before and the drill was stopped. He went in.

wednesday 28/04/2010

I'll join if you'll have me

I think you qualify for Urban Madness I'm not an admin but we pretty cool, just apply and see why we have so many members,

Also, I'd prefer if you sent a message to me instead of posting on this thread. Thank you again.

We are still recruiting smiley

tuesday 27/04/2010

Join the strong ones!smileysmiley

Ty guys...fail on the link smiley

Ok finnaly got it I think lol.

smileySo I'm guessing no one will join since it took me forever to figure this out, if i even figured it out.smiley
who would follow a leader who is an idiot. grrrrrrrrrrr

Forever Charmed

monday 26/04/2010

Oh snap we are being shouted at by an admin
but its not all spam...
fine i'll close this smiley

PWWD, you already have a recruitment thread, please use that one smiley

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Hi, looking for a guild to mainly trade cards and strategies with. I was inactive for a while because of time constraints. When the iPhone app came out, that is when I picked up the game again. Preferably the guild should be able to speak english well. Hoping for a lot of friendly knowledgeable players too.

Level: 16
Join Date: 11/09/08

Hells Angels is for you smiley

sunday 25/04/2010

Give guild:864571 a try. smiley We will enjoy your visit.

Come on. join this fast growing friendly community..


its as new as the world is old

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