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wednesday 09/09/2009

I trade my zatman for petra GraksmxxT and SkrumxxT
contact me by private messages


Sorry, I sold it. Someone please close this.

Need these 3 cards but I'm short of clintz. I have approx. 7,400 clintz to spend but I can trade too.

I'm looking to buy all cards under marketed price and if a trade is necessary, I have Roots and GHEIST and some Junkz to offer.

PMing we be quicker or just post!

Someone can up this?:
Vickie Cr + Jackie + 10 Askai + 10 Naginata 2 chiko cr + 5000 clintz

Im tradinG vickie cr full for vickie cr 0xp and ill add 4k

thanks mods

Close please .

i will sell them in the market smiley .

I will trade my Striker +2500 clintz for Charlie. Just message me, thanks.

I am willing to trade my Striker for a Charlie. Plz trade with me THNX.

Im tradinG Splata Cr full for Splata Cr (Cr) 0xp and ill add Terry Cr (Cr) 0xp

thanks mods

I ok nevermind i want uppers

I'll take them off your hands mate. PM me.

What do u want for him? im willing to trade if its reasonable.

Ill pay 1800 for sledg thats all i have

Traded please close

I have 3 anibal for sale. pm me with offers. i am also accepting trades and such.

let me know

Please close mods. i am fresh out

Trading 2 Nahi Cr's 0xp for Vickie Cr 0xp + 15k. Message me if your interested, thanks smiley

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