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wednesday 29/04/2009

Please close mods.

6k or Best offer
pm me plz

Jessie was bought...close plz mods

The title says it all.thanks.smiley

I have 2 hugos lvl 2 and 1

60000000000 c for each, jking 500 for plat

tuesday 28/04/2009

Still looking for a vickie cr

im offering 110k in cards

market price is about 111k and minus 5% makes my 110k a great deal

Ill take it

You got yourself a deal

I have a fully lvled timber, 2 fully lvled vansaars and one 1 lvl Bridget

I would sell 2 you for 800 interesteD?

I got just bout all the piranhas just tell me who you want

Can anyone sell me Dalhia .. My Price would be From 0 - 13 600 Clintz.
PM me First Before you try to Sell On Private .
Thank you .

Looking for coby....would prefer 0xp but if not its fine

message me if interested

Shakra 5800,ratanah 4800,

Please close

10,000 Clintz for them both.

PM me so we can negotiate.


I'll buy esalt for 550?

Anybody? Im so desperate its unbelievable, and my price is exactly the same as marlysa'a now because splata went up in pricesmiley

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