saturday 18/04/2009

Gave to someone needy Thanks mods and close pleasesmiley

I'll have eryton 500 pm me if u intrested

22k and instantly buy

Close please

I finally just bought him. Too many people tying to get something for nothing.

Hi ok ill do the deal as you want smiley? pm me smiley

To finish what off?

I'd say he wants them for when they're finished in New Blood.

Sorry mate but I don't have that many copies of any of them.

What can you offer for it?

I have two, one maxed and one at 0xp.

PM me.

I have a few level two ones, but I'm sure that's no use to you...

7.2k less than market price.

I give you 75K ctz for your Kerozinn Cr

Try the French forums dude


CLose this please!smiley

Elementz it is? Jackie is like 9000, K Cube is 200, Cell is 200, Elliott is 200, Halley is 200
Well let me double check.

Jackie is 30,000!!!!!!!!!!! I bought her at 9000 2 week ago.

And also mods, he said to close the subject.
Please do that!smiley

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