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friday 24/04/2009

Still looking for her... PM me.

At the time I wasnt, would add 2k now.

I want to buy a nistarok for 2800clintz. Put it in my private sales if interested.

You mean each if so thats so close to market price sooo its a GOOD DEAL


400 clintz

Lvl 3 vickie cr for full xp vickie cr + clintz .

thanks mods

note : my lvl 3 vickie cr have only (120 xp) . PM me with your offer only .

Selling Amdre for 15k, or also for trade

Close please

Mods please close this old thread cheers

pm me if you're interested

Please close someone bought heer smiley

Pls close.

thank you.

I really want to use my clintz for this one. Thanks for the offer anyway. smiley

6600 clintz. Thanks.

What is your offer for bristone and rolph

Wat would u give me for slopsh last lvl?!?!??????

Not a trade jim cr

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