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saturday 25/04/2009

for 2200 clintz
if ur interested
pm me

Trade jim cr

Go on http://urdb.kirlad.net/ its all there

Hey uh... crash, not to be a downer, but that is HIGHER than market price, and these threads are for lower, so don't try to rip people off.... I mean, Sylth = 6.5 and Greow is 1.5, So you are adding a full 1000.smiley

I am buying some cr cards,tell me what cards u have under 50k

Mods please close. I decided to sell on the market.

I have all expect for ongh and the 2 new ones for sale

friday 24/04/2009

I didn't realise the price was so low?Whats the highest I can sell it to you for.

Still looking for her... PM me.

At the time I wasnt, would add 2k now.

I want to buy a nistarok for 2800clintz. Put it in my private sales if interested.

You mean each if so thats so close to market price sooo its a GOOD DEAL


400 clintz

Lvl 3 vickie cr for full xp vickie cr + clintz .

thanks mods

note : my lvl 3 vickie cr have only (120 xp) . PM me with your offer only .

Selling Amdre for 15k, or also for trade

Close please

Mods please close this old thread cheers

pm me if you're interested

Please close someone bought heer smiley

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