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friday 24/04/2009

6600 clintz. Thanks.

What is your offer for bristone and rolph

Wat would u give me for slopsh last lvl?!?!??????

Not a trade jim cr

Ill trade you 6 good cards for Hawkins

thursday 23/04/2009

Mod please close thanks

She is 3450 now...so no thks unless you change price

Close please

Not to mention Eklore is at 2,760 XP

Close please.

Buying Mona for 4500.

Ill sell you a lv 4-5 one for 24k

I will buy any amount for 300 clintz

Keep putting them in my private sales

I can't message you back...put it in my private sales

Will trade 3 hawks for an alec

Close this thread please

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