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monday 16/05/2011

Yea yea gud lookin out EZ oh yeah i forget to mention.. if you got the clintz to purchase a sledg why not but a ditha, wanda,and a clara? You get more cards and it's a better investment or you can just purchase a selina. your current cards make a decent deck you won't get far in survivor but, you can beat some ass in a DT without a doubt and a vholt can def help you out... need assitance u kno wat 2 do.. holla

tuesday 10/05/2011

Hello, please rate and comment my new survivor Deck, I reached Survivor 8 with it 2 times

Space Girls and Tentacles

Thank you for your time smiley

sunday 08/05/2011

3.O).=+++>>H:{OP rate and comment...thanks mods smiley

saturday 07/05/2011

What is with Eloxia?

friday 06/05/2011


Check this out please...I have poison, life gain, dr, poison, and pillz gain...anything needed?

Rate and comment please.

Thanks mods!

sunday 01/05/2011

Uppers/Ulu U-U Survivor rate and comment,thanks mods

friday 29/04/2011

thursday 28/04/2011

Elo type decks are for Elo, if you want to play survivor aim for the 5 or 4 star cards in your clans that can 2 hit KOs and propably a good leader will help alot Amber for Ulu Watu or Hugo for Montana here is a good deck for Piranas!
http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1727233 I love playing with this deck!!!
A good deck for Ulu Watu with Cr(s)!
My cheapest and most wins (for now) -

monday 25/04/2011

The reason I like Ambre better is overall she almost adds three attack per pill used.
For Eg. I'll use a card that has no manipulation to make this easier to understand
Tsubame *4 pills(Including free pill) say equals 28
Ambre+ Tsubame * 4 pills =40
With that said hugo work on all turns so can be better but depends on your play style.
But With Eyrik it is a differrent story he minuses the opponnents power which makes you use less pills and with the need to pill from the atack manipultion so he may still be a choice

Hope this helped


saturday 23/04/2011

Fang pi and t2 does not compute well without ambre...

Why thank you

Hand of Dr's a problem?
I thought so too the Ulrich/Arno/Jeena/ Yookie hand isnt the greatest but it really depends on who u face with it
Ive scrimaged a few opp. with that hand but have also lost some...really does depend on clan ur facin....Freaks/ Jungo im kinda screwed but anythin ability-dependent and their stuffed anyway...suks to be Rescue/ Sakrohm vs that hand trust me....

friday 22/04/2011

Thats quite a good strategy but I suggest going straight from the 1st to the 3rd but I REALLY ADMIRE the deck composition

I personally almost never play mono for type 2 survivour as with mono you can take advantage of both clans with All-Stars I think a nightmare half would work or Sakrohm I think maybe Nightmare maybe on the pricey side but then again so Sakrohm you may want to post on your budget to get a closer read.

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Greem is actually staff banned, don't plan to see her for awhile.

I Need help changing this deck up a bit, but I've done 12 Survivor with this deck on my 3rd try at survivor, but everyone's saying Sakrohm is supposedly amazing at T2 Survivor because of some nice DR, so if you help me put some Sakrohm in it that would be nice or is it good the way it is.
1. Ambre
2. Copper
3. Coby
4. Owen
5. MissChloe
6. Chloe
7. Havok
8. Hawk

Thanks for any help smiley

wednesday 20/04/2011

monday 18/04/2011

I made it to lvl 25

pls rate and comment


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