wednesday 20/04/2011

monday 18/04/2011

I made it to lvl 25

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Is the deck I'm currently playing with. Any tips on improving it?

Beach Festival

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thanks mods

sunday 17/04/2011

Datz a deck rite there but try allstars if you want you can use ulu wata if you can afford em but you current cards can make a pretty decent deck

saturday 09/04/2011

I usually get 6 with Jungo easily...X.X

My gheist deck wud destroy u unfortunately somebody created the preset b4 me any real nice expensive deck u got their

thursday 07/04/2011

senti avec hugo T2 just beat my record with 18 wins and i am a mediocre player at best. 51k clintz

tuesday 05/04/2011

Survivor ELO no, anyway u don't take much time to reach 14 life there, anyway for those who complain of ELO i must say i find the current rules most enjoyable as they allow 2HKO's from the +dmg clans but also open a place for poison (previously unused) and the -life cards

saturday 02/04/2011

Put them with a attack manipulation clan cuz they dont have any

I say Junkz or Uppers

monday 28/03/2011

thursday 24/03/2011

With my current deck im having lots of trouble in survivor ( a Fang Pi Clang / Nightmare 4/4) and ive been hunting around for a new deck, personally I like the looks of the Freaks / Pussycats 4/4 deck.

I was wondering what your opinions on this was? Along with any deck suggestions and tips on how to use the deck effectively ( since im kinda newbie on UR ) also cost isnt too much of a problem ( provided there are no CR's included )

Thanks for any help smiley

Pussycats is seriously the best budget clan. With about 3k I managed to get good damage reducers, and my deck still has plenty of punch, and hasn't even reached it's star limit yet. The only thing I don't like is a lot of cards are expensive, but there's plenty of good cheap 2-3 star cards that make good fillers.

I actually have a Rescue deck and have had slightly better luck against Nightmare and Pirana decks. The thing is that I'm playing in ELO T1 Survivor right now, so Askai isn't an option because she's banned, and neither is Ongh. Most of the other cards in Jungo that aren't ELO banned are low damage because the life gap bonus is huge.

tuesday 22/03/2011



monday 21/03/2011

sunday 20/03/2011

Joana, Wesley, Lothar, Krash, Ghoub, Slyde, Cliff, Ash

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saturday 19/03/2011

Nightmare! I used these decks: 26 wins Survivor and deleted to get 16 wins yesterday. Could have had more, but I lost on a coinflip move smiley

Of course, you probably don't have Guru Cr, so you can replace him with Eris or Skrumxxt and still do pretty well.

wednesday 16/03/2011

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