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saturday 03/01/2009

Price For Lin Xia Is 4000 or Other Choice I'm Buying Kolos and I'll give you Lin Xia + 15k that's just another choice GL

To low i have one but add 1.3k

Any1 pm me plz

I will buy all three at 5% of market price.

Kolos: 20000 - 5% = 19000 clintz
Kenny: 15000 - 5% = 14250 clintz
Hel : 1300 - 5% = 1235 clintz

PM me or just send a private sale. Please no bartering with the price, all private sells sent that are higher then the prices stated above will be rejected. TY

Give me rhed or scubb or both

PM me the price for TrinmkkT?

I told u i can sell u some

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Nobody want to buy
close plz.


Willing to buy any junta cards.,.,.

I will, pm me wheneversmiley

800 clintz each pm me first one get its

friday 02/01/2009

PM me if U are interested

Um, full rescue, two tessa crs, kerozinn cr, dahlia hawkinssmiley i wish i could afford him so bad. try the franch message boardssmiley

SOLD mods plz closesmiley

This has been brought, close plz

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