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monday 11/05/2009

Buying uranus for 4.8k
put on my private sales . . .
plsss. .^___^

I would like to buy a Gina Glitt. 250 clintz...pm me or put in box

I will give 2000 for him...pm me


Seriously ppl he's around 4k at the market right now

Im Buying Bloodh For 7k And Timber And Vansaar Lvl 1 for cheaper than market price

Buying leviatonn for 6k-6.9k
plz send it to my private sales

Trading burger or selling
if buying 1600
if trade trade iliena plus 300 clintz

I would do that but i dont have any of those cardssmiley


Pls close

I have him at level 4. PM me mate.

I'll trade my Vladimir 0xp for

A Wardog

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Nina and Nistarok

for Asporov

I have charlie

sunday 10/05/2009

Just saw a Kreen in the market 2800 max, you gonna give me a better offer than that?

BUY Cassandra for 2,6kk last offer

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