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tuesday 07/04/2009

Item sold. Please close this thread. thanks.

25,000 to 30,000, pm me with offers

I think he misunderstands the market flux.

Im trading charlie and kenny for marco

PM me if interested

Title says it all, pm me for offers thanks smiley

I now have 10.2k please pm me if you are willing to do me a big favor...

Looking for a jane ramba for 6500

monday 06/04/2009

How much for a psylo

Pm-ing you now

Knock knock Vermyn is currently 8K a card for 2-3K would make the offer 9-10K, then its better for me to just buy one on the market.

Trade my skullface for miss twice

Jackie + 1000clintz

Sell it 2 u 4 vickie cr x2

Got the vickie cr, pls close and delete this =)

Close and delete please.

Mods pls close

I will give you Jane Ramba for him..

Man this is a very very old post

I want fabio for 1.5k
and Spiaghi for 500

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