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tuesday 23/06/2009

So you have a vickie cr and you are trading for a kerozinn cr ?

To Fast is Fun - Yes, that is true. The reserve price is not the ending price. 5M8 for 0 exp and 5M5 for full exp are reserve prices. The higherst offer in these forums are not higher than 2M now ...

But -
1) if the reserve price is stated, it is probably the minimal price, that the seller accepts = the minimal selling price.
2) if I offer more than is the reserve price, it does not mean, that my offer is value of the card. That means only that I want Lyse Teria CR a lot ! :o)

Vermyn N for 4.5k + methane

Sold out..thanks..


Close please, just got an offer

Buying many chikko crs for 9k per card. put in my private sale and ill buy them. thanks

Jackie for 24k if someone interested private sales to me

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Close Please

Hey guys!
I hope someone is kind enough to trade with me...
I am very willing to trade all of these cards for Vicke Cr :
b ball
12 timber 0xp
2 hugo 0xp
3 sliman 0xp
3 phonos unleveled

All in all, these are around 98.3k.
I hope someone is ok to trade...
It's my birthday after all. smiley

Just pm me if you're interested... n.n

Close plz

Buy Sheitane for 1100 clintz (PM me)

monday 22/06/2009

C'mon ppl~~no one's offering?smiley

Anybody i am willing to negotiate

For trade: Timber, Vansaar, Ben, Tshern, Yaman, Coraille, Mac Hen, Nympheea, Razor, Sandy and Warren

smileysmileyModz close please!!!!smileysmiley

To everyone else, send me a PM if you want to trade.

Only Sheitane needed for 1100.

For 8100 clintz

I have some Wanda 0xp pm me if you want some

Buying melvin a lil cheaper then market value willing to negotiate PM me.

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