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tuesday 31/03/2009

Hi there currently Morphun is 32-33k jackie is around the same but i am willing to add 1k on top to trade for jackie

thanks mods

I'll give you 60k and Kolos for Kerozinn. Anyone interested?

Offering 33 Jessie for Kerozinn cr
46 Jessie for Tessa cr

Lennox can

I have petra. do you still need one?

Ah, found it. Thankssmiley

Please put it on the market my friend, nobody is going to buy ur Vansaar for that price..smiley


I'm looking for a deal (paying less) not paying more then the market

Got Hax, i'll take Steve for 5.5k

Close pls smiley

Buying dorian for 9.5k pm me in game..

Mods plz close

Please close this mods ive sold them all

Buying gertrud for 3k now

monday 30/03/2009

I buy her, please close topic. Thanks moderators!

Lots of talk of better offers, but the card is still on the market. Fishy.

Anyway, can we close the thread, as it's clear QJON doesn't intend to arrange a sale through the forums?

Buying the following cards
2 miken moose- 270 each
rico- 345
2 noodile- 650-700
plz send them all to my private sales.. i am buyn=ing them as a group or individuals! thank you

Got him for 42k please close mods thanks

I am trading Lamar Cr with 400K clintz for Marlysa Cr.

All offers please PM.

Thank you

Blood Talon

PS: I will not sell just Lamar Cr less you want to trade Marlysa Cr for just Lamar Cr smiley

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