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sunday 15/03/2009

Looking to buy Vickie Cr for between 100-110k

Sigmund was sold. Please close the subject.

Close please!

Sold, close this thread please

NVm mod could close this down

Check out he thread next to ur's there's somebody buying loads of 4* prefulls for 1000. smiley


I'll trade you spaghi and oxen for all stars and other nice cards.what can you give?

saturday 14/03/2009

Plz close

The name explains. PM for faster response

Never mind i alread y bought it

I will give copper for eyrik and 8000clintz

Please close...

thx mods

Close please
i sold it

I will trade my jane ramba + 2.4k for alec....
if intrested pls pm me...ty

5* pfulls Cost 1500..
And if you need a Vansaar to lvl the cards you must lower it even more....

Sorry she sold already close plzsmiley

Thanks Jazza
Got one anyway

Close please

Can someone please sell me him for around 4000 clintz?

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