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wednesday 01/04/2009

Sold , close plz

Got kerozinn cr already, please close.

Please close this thread.

The card goes to Dead hart for 16200. Please close this thread.

No longer have Kolos and Emeth, no longer need Jackie and Ratanah, still needed Shakra

Even though its a private sale you still have to pay kate 5%

Thx crimson mask but i already got one for 2300.

I have a shann lets trade

I only need chan.. i got an extra striker.. if you can deal with the diff in cards or clintz il trade you.. smiley

But from the Urban times newspaper, that seems to be the price of Mona on the planet Vronk.. Maybe SkrumxxT will get u one.. smiley .. on a more serious note, you should bring the price up a bit more.. smiley

I already got all cards in the want list of first post.
Also, I wont be selling cards for cheap.
Im some days I will possibly start another trades thread. For now, mods can close this one, thanks :o)

Max morphun for your any level jackie

1600 clintz
pm me

Please close this post...i thought this one didnt make it to the message board so i made another one and now have 2 of the same posts going


I have Naginata and would like Katan, any level.

Come on, guys! =P

My Kiki Cr 0xp for your Kiki Cr Full + 500 000 clintz.. Pm me if interested.. smiley

Sorry, cats were sold. pls close this thread pls.

thanks. smiley

tuesday 31/03/2009

He won't be able to sell something ever again. Srry, 0UM-Ao_Kiji, don't count on this deal.

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