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saturday 28/03/2009

Nevermind, I sold Marco to pay for it.

Lock please.

You can get 8k for 10 glosh if they're 0xp by mesmiley

I buy her. Thanks moderators, close please! smiley

I could add more clintz if needed

Scotty is sold

350 for a mindy

thanks.i can accept negotiations.

The price is over in market

No thanks only gheist cards and stynge isnt enough

Why does everyone say hes a her read the biography it says he uses his mothers recipesmiley

I have zatman already,anyone selling rubie for 3.5k?

Please close already sold

Please lock this subject, I have a rubie now.

Around the mi 5ks would be nice. PM me with offers

This thread is closed until the issue is resolved. Next time, contact the Moderator team if you have an issue with a trade rather than making it a public outcry.


friday 27/03/2009

Looking to sell Nahi Cr [max] for 70,000

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