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monday 09/03/2009

Thanks to all who bought and admin you can close no point having open when i only got 500 or so for sale now from my 5000 cards that were but not no more cheers!


Sorry always forget to mention full xp

Bought her, close please.

Will buy 0xp Jeena's
PM me

WOA , You might want to higher the price !


Edd 2100
Mona 5500
Ottavia 1600
Sharon 300


Murray 700
Petra 1900
Uranus 4300

All prices negotiable, I am aware that many of these are ~10% under current market but I am trying to save a buck on some cards I actually want to use in a deck. Feel free to send me private sale, if you want to sell them for even less by all means please do I can use any price breaks I can get.

sunday 08/03/2009

Mayhem 2
candy jack 2
zaltar 19
gastroboy 1
phonos 1
venus 1
razor 1
sydney 1
beetenka 1

Got them long ago
close plz

Will trade or sell also have marco and others

PM for faster results

Wow someone just sold lulabee for 3k on the market, i sold my cards to kate to try to get that 3k but was too late, can someone sell me lulabee for like 3k or around there?

All sold please close


Looking for a Mona just below the market price, anyone who wants to sell Mona fast and for a reasonable
price, i'm willing to accept that...

if you're generoes enough, i'd be REALLY GREATFUL if you'd sell your Mona for below 4k clintz.. Thanks smiley

I want ur plantooonas pm me

I'm intrested in your all stars pm me the price

Close please

Thanks so much illinium smiley

Tradin ratanah and armand (both maxxed) and 1k clintz for shakra (any lvl).

ratanah lvl 4 is about 6.4k
armand lvl 5 is about 1.5k
thats 7.9k add the 1k clintz and its 8.9k

I buy every card for 100, if you are interested just put him in private sales.

3 200 Clintz is market price just go buy in public sales.

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