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monday 08/12/2008

pm me or post a message

I have enough now lock please.

sunday 07/12/2008

This is asking 3K per Lehane and she's only 2.4k-2.5k on market.....

Whathe i am your freind why can't u send me a message and no i dont have crs that add up to vholt

Close please

message me if you want any

Note, lonely_ cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

Oh, sorry about that. It's 17.5k.

Read the topic fully! smiley
"i want to trade them to 45 Trish (R) or 20 Cassandra (R)"
He wants 45 trish or 20 cassandra

Thats a gyp when u can sell on market for 6000 clintz

The bid starts at 17k. Reserve price is 17.5k. The auction ends within an hour based on when this is made.

If you have a card you don't want private sale it to me for 100 clintz, i will accept the deal when i can so do not rush please since i do save up Clintz to buy other Characters i need.

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Got him, close please.

Wait a few weeks and u can have him for 160 or less.

Mod close this please

I'm looking to trade my Nistarok (full level) for a Gil. Preferably full level but not too important as it's only a 2* card.

Probably quickest to PM me with offers.

Yer sure ill buy that

Buying Winston for under 175

Put in private sales.

I just bought 3 from you and now you are buying more.

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