sunday 09/11/2008

Are you still looking to trade.

Close plz it is sold

saturday 08/11/2008

Ty i got vickie and jackie
please close

Thanks to Joeisagod I have got them.. Except lamar smiley

Mods Please close.

I have got 80 000 Clintz and i want buy Splata CR 0XP

I can sell you uranus for 4.25K and pulsar cheaply too...

Mods please close.

SOLD , CLOSSED please Thank you smiley

Close please

Okie doke i'm not getting any more offers so uh close plz.

Preferred Price is 2800, please.

I am trading 3 chikko cr's lvls 1,2 and max pm me i am looking for other cr's

I have ryuichi and need crs

I will buy kerrozin cr for 30k

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