sunday 16/11/2008

Deal! I will exchange my Kerry for your Bloodh. smiley

Put him as private sale to me for 50 clintz, and soon I will send Kerry for 50 clintz. smiley

I got the cards i want
------------------------> PLEASE CLOSE<-----------------------------

Close This PLZ

I Found My Splata Cr smiley

I will also be selling skullface cr

Selling a thaumaturge cr for 32k, no less. message here or pm me, thanks

Can any one sell me jeena for 550 clints? or lily for 600?

saturday 15/11/2008


for kolos
pm me

Any reason

I will buy any gil for 4000 clintz please 1 or 2 star don't care

Sold smiley
-------> CLOSE PLEASE <----------------

SOLD for 38500 please close!

You can see which cards i'm selling on my profile.

Each for 650

I want a Marlysa Cr.

Please pm me with your offers.

I'm looking around 360k

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