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friday 04/03/2011

Sometimes i also got a bug, then i replace my adobe flash player and everytimes it works.
and if you are playing in as3 then play as2. i always play as2. smiley
afterall if nothing do not work go to bed and fast asleep smiley

tuesday 01/03/2011


I'm completely new around here, currently running a mono-Sak deck.
But, would like too switch too dual Sak/Vortex and begin playing Survivor Elo mode.

I need some advise on a reasonably priced set of cards.
This deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1443546

Looked rather appealing.
I already have several of the cards in there or cards that I could replace and still get the desired affect.

Im aware that vortex is weak too SOA.

Oh, and willing to buy credits.
Would this dual be successful?
Would I be able too make this switch without spending an excessive amount of money?

Thank you.

Thanks for the advice, and I do see how that would help, but I see some flaws to that as well.
First of all, Ulu Watu are *fairly* reliant on their bonus. Taking that away from them really weakens them. With only 3 in the team their bonus may not be seen much. That hurts Serena most, virtually no ability or bonus.
Secondly, his 5 damage doesn't blend in well with the rest of the team who have either 6 or 8 damage.

Taking all this in mind, I'm not sure if I should use Morphun... I do agree with you but at the same time disagree smiley

monday 28/02/2011

My New T2 Deck is Half Nightmare and Half Sakrohm. With a Leader of course.
But I don't have an Ambre yet smiley


Please comment, rate, and help me out with some suggestions.

sunday 27/02/2011

saturday 19/02/2011

I'm quite sure you can safely play Copper over Havok in Survivor. Playing against a SoA-Clan is so rare because their lack of attack manipulation just isn't suited for survivor.

tuesday 15/02/2011

It wouldn't really surprise me if it was a glitch, because I know I have gotten double payout from DTs before, so the payout system is definitely not bug free.

I am also pretty sure I did not read the rankings wrong, especially since it highlights your name for you smiley . I had the rankings window open while I was going and refreshed it right after I lost. I definitely started at 10th, and was knocked down to 11th about 8 hours before the payout. I was never in 8th place, which is what the payout letter said I had gotten.

It either has to be a glitch or the survivor payout system does not do tie breakers in the same fashion as the DT ranking.

thursday 10/02/2011

I love beating that clan.

If ELO type i really like this deck for Survivor. Play Yookie over rico in the weeks Yookie is not banned. Play Arno over jeto if you like. Ive used it to get past 1300 in elo and my highest survivor streak of 12 or 13.

http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1743891&list root/cats half deck

tuesday 08/02/2011

For the Kristin mission you do have to finish it in the Survivor rooms for the Survivor mission, fight club will work for the KO mission though.

monday 07/02/2011

Cool and cheap deck i will also try this out smiley

saturday 05/02/2011

I'm getting owned... hard.. pirahnas are killing me and their counters in rescue are banned lol. Harsh. Got to 5 wins with rescue but with every other battle being pirahnas I'm getting stomped lol.

friday 04/02/2011

Wasn't a broken link, it just cut itself off as a "stronger" link came along, namely survivor.

I wouldn't go for Ambre..too obvious how the match will develop and she loses her edge in low pillz levels.

Imho Mophun or Hugo are the "go-to"-leaders.

Miss Cloe

made daily top 10 and top 3 with this deck allready

That zedmaster, him and his insane survivor record. sure knows what he's talking about. btw amazing deck smiley guru cr is my dream card XD

wednesday 02/02/2011

Its hard to do in weeks where both Marina and Uranus are out.

monday 31/01/2011

So actually your deckbildung is just taking Ambre + graksmxxT and adding 2 3-char Half-decks of choice at random? smiley

Raeth > Kristin agreed smiley

saturday 29/01/2011

Just play 6 5* in pussycats + yayoi (who is insane for 4*) +ambre/morphun

Here is a T2 survivor deck featuring Ahkab hope you like it (Eklore to Morphun wood be better but i dont have Morphun atm)

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