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tuesday 15/12/2009

Due to some technical difficulties from this guild, I have changed the name to prevent the guild from being deleted or refused again.


Thank you staff and mods for making me create this guild

Moderators. This guild does not exist.

Come talk relax and join the guild http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=610748

monday 14/12/2009

THANKS MOD.. Forgot to add link....lol

Try Hippyweasel.
we have a range of levels and abilities from mid twenty levels to me at 72, and would welcome you.

Recruits needed any level (game says min 5 but u can get there quick )
i want this guild to be friendly and have the members help each other as much as possable so if ur looking to join here the guild page


i hope to see u soon

Here is the guild link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=783885

sunday 13/12/2009


If your looking to join a new up and becoming guild you should join this one for the First 3 people who join this guild will be an Admin



Spartan Omega is found on many games over the net of all types,SO is known for its loyalty and having members that stick together and never part.

If you think your Omega capable then feel free to join.

all we require is that you are loyal to [SO] and are active as UR is the best trading card game ever made so you have no reason not to be active lol

Heres our guild link


No such guild to be found Geo-Quake smiley

saturday 12/12/2009

Please mods close....

3 minutes later

thanks mods

Good day every one! I'm looking for a guild that needs an errand boy or a trash place for those who has to many (and like them so much that they do not want to sell them they're self) cards or as a practice dummy in the Danger Zone!smiley
Pleace give me call when your guild wants me! smiley
PS: Give a call BEFORE christmas! I'm gonna make a guild myself!smiley

Looking for a large, active guild. Willing to trade or sell any of my doubles, and I plan to have a lot of doubles. If interested, send me a message. Thanks.

Roboticlove will make a new recruitment thread smiley

Hey what up i'm dragonzage im a active player that looking for a guild message me if you want me to join

Yami why'd u leave Atavistics?

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