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thursday 03/12/2009

There is no such guild pokemon smiley

Under new leader. we made some big improvments. come see for urself.

You should come join Diplomats of Clint City and we can help you out smiley

wednesday 02/12/2009

We just got sponsored by a player, so the first 5 players there join will get a Card for free

Join the Dreamers we are a fun active guild

P.S. We got cookies!!!!!

Snorgel -
Is not a member of any Guild.

tuesday 01/12/2009

Can I join you guild~~ Im just a noob smiley

monday 30/11/2009

Event #1 ending, join now for the second event!

Only excepting 2 more player under lvl 15, now's ur chance

Here is a link:http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=768454


sunday 29/11/2009

Hi all

i've been playing UR for a couple of days now and love it. Currently im level 10 and have maxed out all my starting cards. Now im looking for a Guild to help me build a strong deck and get some more strategy down. At the moment im only every day so activeness isn't a problem. Currently im playing Gheist and Montano if that is any preference but current any dedicated to these clans and can switch.

I should mention im an Aussie and on in that time zone if anyone has a preference to this.

Thanks Twenty

here's a link : guild:766953

saturday 28/11/2009

Please close

Done, yo. The only time me and my peeps wanna be offendin' is during a battle when we lay a phat smackdown on your weak little dex...

Can you get Krazy?? If you can,come join us and get Krazy!!
Players that join must play at least a bit each week (we all have lives outside of UR).
Come join me DemonBladeR and the rest of the guild and get Krazy.
P.S - You must speak English.

NK notoriouskriminals is recruiting plz apply

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