monday 26/10/2009

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when your lv. 20 join my guild. We can be basketball players

Join today
we are a pratical gulid
which is getting bigger each day
people on all the time
fair play
join today

thanks admins for letting this post though

Keep coming

sunday 25/10/2009

This is a guild for anyone and anyone is welcome!
If you wish to join send me a message and go to:

Have question put here

Guild:727251 join this guild

Join guild:727251

Guild:727251 join this guild
we want new friends even if it is an upcoming guild
anyone, any level can join this guild

saturday 24/10/2009

Great guild with great people

Hey man come to Internal darkness i give away cards weekly and we have events one after another we very active and playful

Sweet thanks friend.smiley

Great player ask him were he keeps his guns

friday 23/10/2009

Hello UR this is Kira again i think when i put my guild on recr I wasn't is looking for members +20 and up
currently the guild has about 45 members and its good and by u join it would be better
so if u want to join this movement here is the link

well and if u dont we just want to let UR know that we are Heresmiley

You already have a recruitment thread. Please use it smiley

Steroids, please use this information and make a new thread smiley
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We also play xbox live so if you would like to add us on there you can
that's were we chat it up or play games, or chat while playing urban : D

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