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saturday 29/01/2011

monday 24/01/2011

It has been deleted so i can't comment on it.

1482=1476!!!! is a good deck.

A hint to using them is to remeber not to overpillz because there bonus acts as a couple of pillz.

15 is the highest you have gotten (your profile says so) but the deck is ok appart from azel who i would remove so you can get the better nightmare more often.

Ouch thats all i can say.

Hugo is the best one out of the 3 because 6+ attack can help you a lot more then the others.

saturday 08/01/2011

Replace orlok with oshitsune

friday 07/01/2011


I'm no good at surviver but maybe it's my style. Tell me what you think

wednesday 05/01/2011

Oh, also, I can't wait to try out Bonnie Ld in a similar deck. Should be great.

monday 03/01/2011

rate and comment


Not the best deck. But any arrangements? When I get clints I'll put Selena over Emma or Eyrik and Ambre/Morphun over Eyrik

Uppers are really good in T2, especially with Hugo cause ppl hav to pill 2-3 pillz just to get over the attk manip...very useful in 10 wins+ wen u only hav 8-9 pillz
TRy this deck


Please dont hesitate to suggest changes

sunday 02/01/2011

I like this deck:
Military; Past and present.
i dont really play survivor alot, my best is 5 with a mono rescue lol, but this cud get 10+ i think.

wednesday 29/12/2010

@M-Bison , if you don't want to be helpful why you post here then? it's a topic to help others out. -_-"

wednesday 22/12/2010

Keep in mind T2 has more consistency. In ELO you have to put up with constant bans. And like Trippie said, star count. That can really screw you over.

That's a decision only you can make that will be based on your experiences. In other words, try them and find out. Preference is what it is, really. =P

wednesday 15/12/2010

Well, in my opinion, your first problem is 2 5* cards.

In Elo, this could be a problem if you get into a weak hand. I suggest taking one of them out and replacing them with a solid skeelz 4* such as Jay, Manfred or Greem depending on your playing style. (Probably Aylen)

Use that extra star to make a 2* a 3*.

However, this is just my preference.

Try changing your style of pilling, maybe surprise your opp by trying to win the battle with redra or an unexpected card.

Keep working at it, you are still getting a small amount each time smiley

tuesday 14/12/2010

Got to love Ulu Watus crazy crazy power and awesome 5 stars. Nice T2 survivor deck.

monday 13/12/2010

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