friday 09/10/2009

Http:// click to join

-the next person to join becomes an administator if over level 12

Now we eat cake, with our new friends!!!smiley

thursday 08/10/2009

If u like banger or use them join banger delight

Join My Guild Please

Good group of people here, friendly and helpful, join today!

wednesday 07/10/2009

The Ultimate Deathbringers

I'm looking for anyone who would like to have fun and take chances i'd appreciate it if you're lvl 15+ and understand/speak english also please have a Usa Flag when joining together we will be the best Allies: Elite Rivals

I completely agree with you. I am also looking for a guild that involves quality players. I have recently created guild Sound.
I hope you will take a look into it.

You can take a look at my guild. Sound.

You should only start recruiting for an existing guild.

tuesday 06/10/2009

Looking for a fun guild with lotteries

The ravages of time is not for you as I have blacklisted you.
so please dont apply.

smileysmileyokay this is sad and messed up please close

monday 05/10/2009

Please close this thread.
I will be making a new one soon.
Thank you.

Come on, join up. we challenge other guilds and win, and there are giveaways according to your SKILL and BATTLE POINTS and RECRUITED PLAYERS so unlike other guilds which give giveaways at random , and if you're unlucky you don't get any. so this is where you can earn your giveaways, for FREE !

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