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sunday 08/11/2009

Come join my guild i use jungo to
and we will help you with whatever you need



Any Level
Not a ding dong
Here to have fun
...Basically "Anyone" can join

Yes. excuse me. WaRz0n3... my bad smiley wen u type it in, it automatically brings up all possiblities

saturday 07/11/2009

End of Prequel

For more fanfic action or the chance to write a fanfic for prizes then go to this page:


Also feel free to comment

Respect Our Authori-Tah is a "MATURE" guild to join you must meet these req. level 5+, any gender, age is allowed. I am not here to babysit you or to spoil you. I made this on my own free will. I dont plan on being the best I am here to just have fun. This clan is mainly for my own amusement. If you are interested in joining go to this link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=742289

UC is no longer recruiting sorry about all who missed out smiley

Void Alliance
Click the Link smiley

Skaalock is not unbeatable judging by the story so far and my own suspicions

the best way to get rid of skarrlock is to lose with him while playing seriously

idea set him up against shakra so he will lose pill per pill smiley

friday 06/11/2009

Hello folks,
Recently a guild named The Unified Champions was created. We need active members NOW, so 3 first to join get the admin position, but the only condition- for becoming our admin you should be lvl25+ angel/smile or one of the persons on my friend list.
Requirements: T.U.C. is curretly accepting any players over 20lvl angel/smile and over 25lvl sad face/angry. Any country (from Britain, USA, Russia, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, France, Finland, Dutchland and Canada are mostly welcomed) is acceptable to join if the player meets the recuirements. Also, you can join lvl15+ if your win/loose ratio is over 1.5 (win/lose). You should also be active!
Looking for allies too! smiley
What is this guild so special about?
1. Champion Titles for different categories!
2. Auction House
3. Helpful info about Urban Rivals, Avatars and Character Pictures.
4. Sorted guild forum
5. A chance for anyone to become an admin if they really deserve it ( find out more at The Unified Champions )

FAQs (should be funny):
Q: Can I join?
A: No...
Q: Please... ?
A: No!
Q: Pretty please?
A: Okey...
Q: Really?
A: Yeah..
Q: Yay?
A: smiley

smiley smiley The Unified Champions JOIN US NOW The Unified Champions smiley smiley

Guild:723155 is a steadily growing guild with awesome members and an active message board. We have several contests and competitions always going on, but one thing we need is an event.

We are looking for a lvl 40+ player who would be willing to create 1 Guild event, and possibly more later. You will be given an instant admin position and have your name featured in the Guild Intro.
As an events creator, you will also be immune to the requirements of the regular admin.

1st lvl 40+ to apply gets the position, any after that will be accepted and possibly promoted later.

This guild is the best guild i ever joined. They have active players and they give you cool cards
Also the jackpots are alsome we get a chance to win alot of clintz


Hey guys, I am going to be rather straight forward here. Please consider that I am Norwegian and my English is a bit rusty, so if some of the wording is bit weird you know why.

I am a not too active, but quite interested member of urban who would like to learn more about the game and progress through it. Since I am quite the chatty and helpful person, I will be able to contribute to the Guild what I demand of it.

I would like a guild who can give/trade me cards which I can use to make it easier and more fun playing Urban Rivals. The same guild should also have an active member base who likes to chat and help newcomers like me.
At the moment I am using a mix up of a Montana and GHEIST deck (yeah my starter factions), but I also have quite a few cards in Uppers, though these are not as strong as the others.

So, if what you read appeal to you, and you think your Guild can support me in the ways I ask for it, then drop me a PM, or post here. I'll definitely check it out.

See ya,

Ty... its 6:50 in the morning out here and now I realized what made it so addicting! *cheers*

Bumpity bump. so far around 10k clintz worth of prizes have been given out with more to follow.

thursday 05/11/2009

Is there a place to view the original card artists work? Say, a deviant art page or person site for each of them?


Join guild:738641 we're pretty new and only have a few members but the guild was created yesterday and you can win weekly prizes and share battle strategies and fanfic.

Just thought i whould take the time to introduce myself....my name is nate aka bo pimpin....... im 24 and i love to always have a good time hit me up if u have any questions peace out.............

My name is Cody, and i just started this new guild-thing. Its called the peacebuilders xD and here is the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=740052. Any level is welcomed. Any nationality is welcomed also. Im new to this whole guild thing so join it and maybe we can figure it out together?

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