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sunday 01/11/2009

Guild:735952 recrute les joueurs a partir du niveau 30 .

Nous recrutons les flooders ,eloman ,etc ...

notre devise est amite et solidarité.

Join The M.O.B.....You already got MOB on your name might as while join us!

Masters of Battle

Evil is growing. We are now a lot larger and our cards stack up well with some of the best. Doom is close at hand and you might as well go with the team that will win. Cos thats us.

If you are needing that battle hardened group to get you started .. and keep you going .. thats us.

We have an active tournament lounge a ready internal traders market (swap your extras, trade up to good stuff) and a great wonderful best one of a kind administrator (heck .. thats me)

So what are you waiting for? Join the dark side !


Join the Dreamers we have many high level player that can give you great advice for the game. We also have many activities within our forums. So apply today for the Dreamers.

P.S. We got cookies!!!!!

Guild:733034 smiley

I avent joined Organized konfusion since Upper class hasn't Pm me back.

but this isnt permenante. so keep an eye out for me.smiley

saturday 31/10/2009

Good evening to all my friends,

guild:216265 recruits of new members, we look for level 60 to go up in the classification world guilds.

Come numerous.


What if my blood is green what then? sorry for stupid post but you get a bumb

Hi guys im VVicked1 xD im new and i could use some help from peoples, like a guide, tips, etc etc. btw im looking for a clan im a fast learner xD

We are http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=730907 The Guild For The New World. This is what we're all about.
Aren't u sick of the evil in Clint city? Well it's time We do smething about it. Day by day The Guild For The New World will be removing as much evil as possible. We look up to "KIRA" because he removed as much evil from the world as possible for all the time that his life allowed him. That is the reason this guild must remain active so that we can accomplish a fraction of what he did. Starting... with clint city. Join us to cure Clint city... once... and for all!

RIVAL GUILDS: League Of Incredible Evil

we will recruit anyone for now, but as we progress, i will kno who we don't need... and who we ned most.

friday 30/10/2009

We have a lot of fun in this guild.smiley

Join really fun guild

thursday 29/10/2009

We have now recieved a new member so others please come on over a join a growing group.

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The American People

Come join us!smiley We are a nice welcoming guild. We would be flattered to have you! We are very active and helpful. Come on and join The American People

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come and join us, we do ELO giveaways, so we will always help out in ELO, and all of us can get to a decent ELO value on any given week

Hey guys, I'm Cameron smiley. not been online for 4/5 months lol...
Yeah smiley

Hello haha.

I'm looking for a good active guild, active forums. A few comps maybe smiley

PM me,


Any chance i can be one of the -25 recruits?
i've only been playing about a month but i already have a week of 1200+ elo. i believe i ended up 1210 or so after peaking at 1243... somewhere in that range.

i'm definately active and would love to be in a guild that's actually engaging and "goal oriented."

Come join guild:727251
we will help you and be friends with you

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