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saturday 24/10/2009

Great guild with great people

Hey man come to Internal darkness i give away cards weekly and we have events one after another we very active and playful

Sweet thanks friend.smiley

Great player ask him were he keeps his guns

friday 23/10/2009

Hello UR this is Kira again i think when i put my guild on recr I wasn't is looking for members +20 and up
currently the guild has about 45 members and its good and by u join it would be better
so if u want to join this movement here is the link


well and if u dont we just want to let UR know that we are Heresmiley

You already have a recruitment thread. Please use it smiley

Steroids, please use this information and make a new thread smiley
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Close this thread please.

We also play xbox live so if you would like to add us on there you can
that's were we chat it up or play games, or chat while playing urban : D

The school i goto is mattawoman middle school in waldorf maryland if you go there too pm me and ill find you in school it would be nice if if i do find u thx and give me a tessa for a low price thanks

Heyia i joined a day or two ago but came here today i forgot well welcome and thanks to all i have battled with good game

thursday 22/10/2009

Also i forgot to add : ) u don't have to be active all day everyday you can be semi active : D also you don't have to be lvl 20 adn above you can be a lil lower just as long as you try hard to get up there quick

- We have experienced players smiley
- We can help you on strategies smiley
- Need help we can try and help as much as we can smiley
-Like to have fun : D good guild to have fun

Do you think that your a true gangster in clint city?

Do you want to join an active guild that can help you become a better player?

Do you want to just chill with some of your fellow clint city gangsers?


then become an Clint City Crunk Killa http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=722437

wednesday 21/10/2009

Hiya how do i join your guild ive tried everyfin but it just doesnt seem 2 work

Hiya i wuz wonderin if u cud help me...i haventa clue how 2 add myself 2 a guilf i tried with 1 but ever since then it wont let me

R u telling smileyme no one like rap everytime i make this there less than 10 message

Lock plz
I got a nice guild

tuesday 20/10/2009

2 messages


Please ensure that the guild you are trying to join is not close for postulates. Or check if you have already postulated on another guild. This could stop you from applying to different guild. To see if you have, please check what is written under your status (veteran) on the left hand side of the screen. If a guild name is shown there, you can either cancel your postulate on that guild or wait for them to accept you.

If you didn't apply to another guild and yet you still can't postulate to other guilds, please contact me (or any other moderator) or go to the customers' support services and tell them about the problem.

Thank you,

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