monday 05/10/2009

Come on, join up. we challenge other guilds and win, and there are giveaways according to your SKILL and BATTLE POINTS and RECRUITED PLAYERS so unlike other guilds which give giveaways at random , and if you're unlucky you don't get any. so this is where you can earn your giveaways, for FREE !

Looking for an elite guild that also wants to have fun? Well DCGOJ is the place for you. With random games on the forum and competitions within the guild we plan to have fun while improving the guild.

Our requirements are you must be level 30+
Dark Carnival Guild of Juggalos

sunday 04/10/2009

Http:// WOOT join my guild the darkness its new and fresh

Http:// join mine PLZ

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Http:// smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Guild flag:

If u join we will help u get better with trick and tip
We will have ur back 24/7 except then we have to go to the bathroom
Join today we take anybody and everybody

Link to join:

The earlier u join the better u look i may make u to one of the admit if u join now and proof ur skill
its all about fun
i dont care where u life or anything just join hang out be friends !!!

more question PM me Toanmaru

Click the portal below to be teleported to Wolf Clan territory.

Guild:706420 is the missing link.

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Close please? smiley

Please join my guild guild:706316.This guild will be the greatest in Ur. Im telling you so join now. lvl 15+ and up can join it. please. You have to be a Master or above.
Thanks hope to seeing you and i will try to help if you need help

We are dark as the night darker then the dark knight and we fight fight fight!
Benefit is we got ur back and be homies for life and if u are a girl u be our wife
also we help the each other if anybody got a question

We just have fun
We take anybody I dont care what Lv u are just join and have fun
once u join we are family like a mafia from the dark site

plz join and enjoy the power

Join this kool guild

saturday 03/10/2009

Http:// click here to join

if you be a true gangster of clint city and want to take ova the streets and gain the most rep join.

if you are over level 7 and love to play Urban-Rivals join

Haha UM is an amazing guild and like gravelie said we are like a mini version and hopefully one day we'll be gr8 like them

Want to run wild in the night? Join Wolf Clan
Click the portal below to be teleported to wolf clan territory:

Click the portal below to go to Wolf Clan territory.

friday 02/10/2009

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