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sunday 18/10/2009

We are a new and friendly guild just starting out. there are no minimum requirements to join. We except applications from anyone it does not matter if u are from the usa anyone can join. send ur applications to http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=716056

Join almost up to 70 members!

Hi! guild:720302 is now recruiting!
If your looking for a friendly, hepful guild this is the one!

We have regular events twice a week.

More and more friends to meet every day.

If you just need help, then we can do that too! We have players with good knowledge of the game!

Join guild:720302 now!

The Homestar Runner guild is accepting all and any members!

If you want to join a friendly guild and get more experience in the game, then Homestar Runner is the guild for you!

We are looking to explore into Tournaments and Giveaways soon!

All members accepted!

Come and join, be part of the dynasty as it begins

saturday 17/10/2009

New guild just started TEAMo Supreamo smiley
Join This New Guild As WE Are a supream team and able to crush
anyone who stands in our way when we are together smiley
Now What U Need To Join
-lvl23+ if you are below lvl apply and ill see if your active enough to join
-GReen Face Or Higher We want a smiling guild not sad one smiley
-Active YES ACTIVe u got to be active on message board or in game
-Have a sense of humor
-KInd To The Players Of UR smiley

Release THe Super Hero IN YOU!!!!!!

friday 16/10/2009

Am I join ???smiley

Sorry, no requirements

We are the Legendary Riders come to cruise through Clint City, with the strength to take on any fighter, courage to never quit any match and the eargerness to prove to all in Clint City that we are Legends... So if you are a serious/active player (2-3 times per week) with a Level 20 or better,then we welcome you to become a part of guild:279901 and prove that you are a legend.........(IF U R UNDER LEVEL 20 PLEASE APPLY TO " Urban Riders Academy "

A perfect guild to hop onto if you want to help in our rise to power.

This is it fixed now


Join Ppl and see what the fun Look like smiley

thursday 15/10/2009

Join Evil Resurrected

So far we've gotten some great players who feel like family already! Come join the Organized Konfusion family to see what you're missing! smiley

Guild:711410 smiley

Modz, please close this thread. Thank you! smiley

Yes sensei

wednesday 14/10/2009

Looking for a fun active guild!

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