monday 28/09/2009

Join fun stuff soon to come

sunday 27/09/2009

CLOSE please. smiley

This is just a fanfic because i had an old one revenge of the sentinel.
This is just kind of like every clan alliance.

All the clans were training for this years clan wars.
The 19 clans had wanted to win very badly.
So they made alliances.
Eyrton needed a good clan for an alliance."Which one to choose" he thought.
So he picked ulu watu and gheist.
He talked to the ulu watu they all said "SURE"The gheist refused the offer.
The freaks and skeelz teamed up.
So did sentinel and la junta and fang pi clang.
Piranhas and jungo and sakrohm were ready.
The bangers were with the uppers.
to be continued...................................................................

If you want to join then you can count yourself in we are always recuting. Lvl 10+

saturday 26/09/2009

I do give away some cards. i give away cards every week to different people depending on that person

You know you wanna have fun, join us its heaps of fun

friday 25/09/2009

I search swedisch members saöker svenska meddlemar smiley com igen barra för svenskar smiley smiley


Actually mods can close this one now, I'll try again to make a new one

Join the underground shadows

thursday 24/09/2009

Thanz flame_evo..hope so

Hi ppls smiley

im looking for a guild to be active, has a very active message board, and is friendlysmiley im lv.17
but that will probly change soon. smiley

wednesday 23/09/2009

Guild:676558 is what you are looking for

We are really nice to chat to and we don't have a temper tantrum when we get beat by another member

Pls join my guild.

Close this mods, shadowhawk made a new post.smiley

Hi, I'm a player of 1-2 years and recently my guild has been empty

rather than just simply joining another guild i want to restore our guild back to the top
now accepting new players, requirements are set up by the guild Leader

join and bring a guild back on top

Looking for plp i need plp right now do not care wat lv how fair u play just need plp right now so join

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