friday 18/09/2009

Are you big headed?
are you full of ego?
do you like to show off?

well join me elmo a proud egotistial just like you

the guild:691600 love people just like you

so if you level 15+
active in message boreds
and most of all egotistical

why not join the fun today =]


Looking for something more convenient. Like a sheet with a bit of code behind it to make deck...

thursday 17/09/2009


Join..and what retro said.

wednesday 16/09/2009

Hi, we are looking for active players.
if your looking for a good guild to join join this one
15+ members but i am willing to negotiate.
i am on at least once every 1 or 2 days.

I thik its lvl 30 and up now right?

tuesday 15/09/2009


That should help.smiley

monday 14/09/2009

Oh,,so "Weapon-X" it will be. smiley
I was wondering if anyone would like my latest idea - let's say my guild is up and running, yes? What if the members could change their names to be an X-Men character? Doesn't have to be in full, it could only be initals... Or something like that. It's just an idea but I want to know what people think. smiley

Deapoll = awesomeness... But my heart belongs to either: Gambit, Pyro or Toad (movie version). smiley

Um... OK Air Jordan, come at me twice, I didn't even respond to your first comment about me LOL

Join Join JOIN!
In just 1 day we have doubled the amount of members!
Level 45 and up!

Hey come on guys we give a way free cards that you can either keep or sell

sunday 13/09/2009

Yeah they're gooooood. No kidding.

Luck with your guild!

Our guild got deleted. Here's our new guild link.

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