friday 07/08/2009

Try this fun growing and starting elo competitions and events soon

Lol, So guild:480934 has been falling behind on members... And not to mention that the message board is horrible... And the people in the guild are happy with it I guess...

But my point is, if you are looking for a guild with not to many members and you don't like it to active as to where people are constantly PMing you and you don't have to constantly post on he message board, my guild is the guild for you! We are currently looking for people level 45+, but we will go to level 39+ if you really want to join, Lol...

So come on, join guild:480934!

Come we have 20 members we have weekly prices for highest elo and other we give away clintz, and cards so come join us

Join guild:643931 or we will staple a kick me sign on your back.

The syndicate is here! We are a mystical clan which come and go at our own wish.
Lucky for you my dear man/woman we are recruiting, We accept level 10+'s who are sociable and respect there upper ranks.Also must be from united kingdom or america
The Syndicate We are going to start hosting events soon
The guild market is up and running and giveaways and elo competitions are coming soon

We are getting slightly bigger here and we are still looking for alot of new members so join up with us today!

thursday 06/08/2009

Guild of Rejects. Here's the link.

Roy, Melissa, youre all great lol no worries

Ok...we have no problem with UM, and i assume that they have no problem with us but if they do they have no reason to....but anywho. working on our guild banner currently..and i'm searching for adims who who are past lvl 25 and are active at night.

Just jokeing UM ppl as you know is a cool guild just as my guild shogun is.

Join us!!!

Join us. We need active members!smiley

wednesday 05/08/2009

Ace, guild:592555 would like you smiley
I'd like to think that we're friendly and polite =) But of course, i can't say that of ourselves, you'd have to see.
Our guild board is active and it's filled with interesting threads.
And you meet our lvl requirements. When you're lvl 30, you can go to XK, which is just as great as KA.
And we sure have other interests than this game as well =)

So that sums up about everything you said smiley
Come take a look to see if we're the guild you're looking for and if you like it, we'd be more than happy to let you stay.

I hope you'll give it a shot!

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