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wednesday 15/04/2015

Feel free to visit !

I already PM'd him


tuesday 14/04/2015

Join color guild! we have a awesome message board, and you will not be sorry you joined

Join today we have a very fun guild that needs some members to enjoy UR with smiley

monday 13/04/2015

Closing this one. Planning a new one.

wednesday 08/04/2015

I started 2 weeks ago. I'm rockin a mono sentinel deck atm. I'm just interested in an active guild. Hit me up.

Ill give you extra chips if you stayed?

monday 06/04/2015

Hi....just want to invite you to visit our guild. Very active forum and giveaways with many experience players. Im sure you will fknd what you are looking for.


"other subjects"

you have only said that you love anime and that your guild discusses anime. what are the other subjects you discuss? and what happened to the guild? smiley


saturday 04/04/2015

friday 03/04/2015

*you're, not your.

thursday 02/04/2015

Also, it's cool that you like ketchup on your eggs. We're down with that.

wednesday 01/04/2015

Fairy Tail is a new guild that is for anime lovers to come and discuss animes and other subjects.

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tuesday 31/03/2015

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monday 30/03/2015


I introduce myself, I am Vicentet_ leader of this guild.

We are recruiting active people wanting to play, having fun, share comments and strategies and get level into our guild.

Our guild has all the upgrades and a level of 29.

You already know if you are active not hesitate to contact me or the Guild.

See you at the arena!

Caballeros Oscuros de Elite

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Speak the truth!smiley

Check out Urban Madness if you're looking for an active, laid back guild. Active forums and active chat room with a lot of events and giveaways. Pay us a visit if you're interested.

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