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friday 08/10/2010

Meeting 12-12ers is great as many of them are not very skilled. Meeting a 14-10 or 15-9er means you will most certainly have a hard game ahead of you. Also I'm sure that if you had met a 15-8er there was a big chance you would have lost.

wednesday 06/10/2010

After doing a bit of testing i have found out that the high power, low star count of freaks helps in survivor and T2.

sunday 03/10/2010

Eh it gets easier with more pracitce, my record is 15, and I seem to be gettin 13 a fair bit smiley but it took months its nothing like elo at all, but now I find it hard to do type 2 past 6 XD

friday 01/10/2010

Well done. nice deck too.

thursday 30/09/2010

It really depends on you though, no matter what everyone else says. I got my best survivor finish (12 wins) running an 8 card Ulu Watu + Ambre deck. I don't have it on preset but it was the 4 main 5 stars (hiki, tan-man, lulabee, and stanly) with shayna, buck, wee lee and zack. Now most people would say I shouldn't have had zack in there, but I wanted to carry some SoA just in case, and he definitely saved my bacon during the run for 12. So really it depends on you. If you like playing python that much and you're comfortable playing him in a T2 setting, I don't think you're wrong for playing a 9 card deck.

that being said, in THAT deck, I'd drop him

wednesday 22/09/2010

In my opinion, I'd try to build a deck that does not rely on their bonuses because most decks I see use SoA/SoB (Just like Pyrotechnitian's deck there...).

I personally use Skeelz/Piranas because one half protects itself from GHEIST, Roots, and the typical SoA card, while the other can stop even more than SoA. The sides together have plenty of DR, and their Confidence/Revenge abilities have good synergy.

Here's what I use. ( deleted ) I left Jay out because 7 power and DRs are common throughout Survivor.

monday 13/09/2010

Emperors of TIme and Space

In case i failed with the hyperlink

Rate and comment please

Thank you moderators, and admins

friday 10/09/2010


Deck for T2 Survivor, quite fun to use
Bluff with Eloxia, lose with wateva kill with Jay, or Caelus or wateva else is in ur hand
First preset ive made where ways to kill are literally endless

sunday 05/09/2010

Yes but it is not his deck.. I'd say good deck smiley

friday 03/09/2010

I have most of the staple cards so please rate and comment. Here is the deck: deleted

thursday 02/09/2010

Great deck smiley gina glitt is awesome.

wednesday 01/09/2010

I can't seem to consistently win anymore. I used to do mainly Elo but Survivor Elo seems to hand out the cash. Any advice for a Pussycats/Freaks deck? Those are my most complete clans.

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Thanks smiley

Wow I love it! No flaws. Ella --> Brittany is always an option smiley

I don't know, Junta is weak by themselves. Add a leader and another sakrohm card smiley

tuesday 31/08/2010

Well they have type elo survivor for a reason... as you all know t1 is skills and the perfect deck so therefore its harder

monday 30/08/2010

Yeah, without really trying I got survivor 5 with ease. I guess it is a good deck for survivor ELO smiley

saturday 28/08/2010

Awesome! Congrats smiley

wednesday 25/08/2010


Rate green jus cause ravin is awsumsmiley
rate green if u dont hav dj korr crsmiley
rate green if u hav dj korr crsmiley

thursday 19/08/2010

Oka i have make a few chance http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1445443
what do you think

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