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wednesday 09/12/2020


saturday 05/12/2020

friday 04/12/2020

UGH! ignore, delete this whole thread mods. messed up.

7 cm of water on my floor at work this morning

thursday 03/12/2020

Someone said hi to RNG at ARCADE wowowowowo.. cuz apparently he got one Pandemic smiley

wednesday 02/12/2020

BUMP! Sorry got busy with work. Cards going out soon.

saturday 28/11/2020

WEll done guys, If you got a card, good job!

thursday 26/11/2020

Its funny have you lost me in the joke

#just commenting

Adrian Mutu

saturday 21/11/2020

Haha, a box in the background.. smiley Good one. Yeah, the clue was straight-forward, I can't say otherwise.
Waiting for more!

tuesday 17/11/2020

Well done getting this far guys!! Very proud of you all smiley

Unfortunately, I will have to close this thread and announce winners later (probably in about 2 hours)
I will add Serafina and No Love

Thank you all, and good luck to what happens in 2 hours smiley

Firstly thanks Press Eden, awesome event. Thanks Larry1311 for being present and taking over. Thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks for the awesome prizes. Have an awesome day and be safe.

wednesday 04/11/2020

That would be amazing smiley

wednesday 28/10/2020

sunday 25/10/2020

Thanks so much! I had so much fun!!

We should really do one more in the futuresmiley

saturday 24/10/2020

Congratz and thanks for the giveaway! smiley

friday 23/10/2020

wednesday 21/10/2020

Last few days!

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