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saturday 31/10

Only have over 13 mil of clintz so if anyone wants to sell them to me cheap then pm me.

friday 30/10

Planet Vronk

Zinzinxxt: the lazy vronk alien

chapter 6 deamons: Nero the new leader of the Nightmare clan and Bulza the Ryhm deamon warlord

chapter 7 vampires: Ielena cr -> Ielena Mt and Dragomir the ex leader

The outsiders

La Comtesse the ghost of Ielena Mt

XU Series

XU91: giant copy machine


Edmund: Sigmund Mt twin and the new leader of Gheist

thursday 29/10

According to iClintz - 1435 smiley

wednesday 28/10

I got DJ korr Cr from $$$

tuesday 27/10

Works fine on my laptop.

monday 26/10

Well, I think minusing your opponent's pillz is better than adding to your own. It's not about the extra points of damage.

Bruno instead of who?

Oh wow, I didn't put in Mamba. Yeah, good catch. I think I'll go with Kuei.

Fang Pi Clan
Leader: Ambre
Saitamurai, Dokuja Ld, Mamba, Tsubame, Yoshida, Lee Long, Futoshi Ld

sunday 25/10

Uppers: Zlatar Cr => Gruber
Since he created the Uppers clan, Zlatar has always made sure to keep it as exclusive as possible. He only accepted rich humans and did not accept any nonhuman members. He made one excuse with Nellie’s poodle Jose Star, since he became the most famous dog in the world, but that was the only time he accepted a nonhuman member. Unfortunately, after his sudden departure, the standards of the Uppers clan have changed. Gruber compared to Zlatar, accept any member that got enough money to be considered rich. Not all of the old members is happy with that decision and might do something to get rid of Gruber.

Vortex: Dregn Mt => Scylla
With Heegrn Cr prediction about Dregn’s death coming true, Vortex needed a new leader. A lot of members was ready to take over, but they all got shot down by one certain member. Scylla, Dregn’s daughter was not about to let anyone take her father’s throne from her. So, she became the empress of the Vortex clan and begun her ice cold regime and vengeance against the Dominion and Hive clan.

saturday 24/10

It would be great if the feature is added in my collection pro

tuesday 20/10

BM missions killed the game process. Only EFC champion still has meaning.

monday 19/10

Hey I like the discussion, but could you do it in another thread. Becuase it's not releated to this clan list xD

I'm personally a huge All Stars and GhosTown player myself and these are the combos I mostly use for each clan

All Stars is all about power and I would say these two card stand above everything else in ranks of all stars.
First card is Roderick: His a 8/7 hardhitting All star big with the ability brawl +5 attack. That's some huge thing this card has going. Because of his bonus he always has 2 more power then is opponent which is a really strong suit. Even if his own power gets reduce, he still has his ability that will help him a lot. So his defiently one of the two cards used in a op deck.
The second card is Heather. I know that she's only a uncommon. But she's a freaking uncommon with soa and 7 power in all stars. That's really huge and helpful. She got basicially no weakness and can stop almost every cards ability + reduce most bigs power. She's only a uncommon which makes her even more op in my eyes.

Worthy mentions are Zlabal, Bmappe, Lamar, Amir/robb, eyrton and harrow ld. Most of these mentioned cards have some huge weakness to soa, which is why they aren't the bigs smiley

sunday 18/10

Out of 8, i got 1.

saturday 17/10

I remember when a Dj Korr cr worth 15 million was an insane amount of money for a card

friday 16/10

Year 2020 room:

69. Glaxo the expert ClintHolz user and fitness coach

The Alien Crystal: After Zlatar left, Gruber have been more open for new members. Our normal Standard have been lifted and we now accept annyone with enough money. Normally we would never accept aliens, monsters and so on. But after Zlatar left and Gruber took over we now do. So that leads us to Blingxxt. She doesn't live up to any of the beauty ideals that us uppers has. But because she got unlimted amount of money, we gladly accept her.

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