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friday 04/12/2020

CookieSpirit, talk about a weird name.

wednesday 02/12/2020

Fomalhaut Ld is straight OP now. He should get to at least min 2 ( if not min 3 ) to keep him fair for ELO.

sunday 29/11/2020

saturday 28/11/2020

Wow Gascabel really is so much fun in the mode

if you have Gasc, Exotico, Kinichaw, + DRs like Guacamol, El Jaguar

your opponent will be extremely anxious in early rounds to pill against your Huracan so you don't have a huge bonus
Quite easy to call overpillz or perfect pill. Nice playstyle

I just got OHKOed by Pandemos in Survivor today. It was nice.

friday 27/11/2020

I didn't know this event would only be up a couple of days smiley

thursday 26/11/2020

hot logo UR 58 messages


monday 23/11/2020


sunday 22/11/2020

No bulgaru i think they arent atm

saturday 21/11/2020

I liked that one too. There is another one 25 wins in ELO = random Rare. Ye, the reward is underwhelming, but still, I am happy about such a BM.

tuesday 17/11/2020

There hasnt been since May. Apart from getting the Supreme rank.

Bought Merrick and never got to try him out. smiley Another useless 3* to throw on the pile...smiley

friday 13/11/2020

Yup raw 8/8 stats without ability (even negative in this one) is nothing scary really, I dare to say he might be weaker than most of modern 5* cards with strong abilities.

Meh its called free fight for a reason

So probs a p/d cancel then? Sounds bannable already

tuesday 10/11/2020

thursday 05/11/2020

"Nadia is finally here and she's everywhere!...with a 0.2% change of dropping. We also made sure her price will never be come below 30 million thanks to our BM mission. Have fun."

wednesday 04/11/2020

B bazooka is way better at 4* than 5* way better. The card is actually extremely underrated even at 5* imo. I have an expectation that b bazooka is going to make bangers one of the strongest clans in ELO for now

tuesday 03/11/2020

hot logo UR 50 messages

Looking forward to the coming announcements Saga!

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