saturday 13/06/2009

Ok, that didnt take long lol Sorry but until further notice we will not be accepting new members.
Once a few spots open up I will let everyone know. I appreciate your interest in XK and will continue to make it a better and even more fun guild.

friday 12/06/2009

Im willing to join, im jsut a little nublet though, but im learning quickly!

thursday 11/06/2009

My guild The one's is recruiting....
JUst read bio and if you like and have enof lvl you can join...

We will be very happy if you joins Fair Tigers .

wednesday 10/06/2009


Hello it is i founder of shadow of evil. if it is any enticement we are ranked 87th in america and are in the 2000 range world wide

We are Recruiting some new members, to liven up this guild, we currently have 18 members looking for more!
clan will be getting shortened soon members under level 9 within the next 3 days will be removed!

Nice guild, cool! Make sure you all play ELO from level 15, mates!

tuesday 09/06/2009

Hmmm sometimes its not really fair in the match ups. wew..

they should put a lvl cap or something. imagine a newbie fighting a lvl 141 guru damn.

put some lvl caps or perimeters pls like the lvl 5-7 room

thank you

Sorry names supose to be Mc>chicken used the wrong arrow my bad XD

Come on people

Still looking for a great guild ppl

monday 08/06/2009

Join we're holding a raffle with the prizes a mystery but with the hint of them being great .Join Now or u lost ur chance

Plz join any level any name any one all you have to do is be british (no racist remarks intended)

We are looking for good and active players for our guild. We help each other by trading, selling and giving people cards and tips on the game. I you want to join our guild please apply now at We await your arrival.

Lots of events within the guild,some lotteries,tournements and card giveaways.Message board has posts about deck help,questions and random stuff.

My guild is mainly about haveing fun, playing duels, talking and mainly getting better at urban rivals. I welcome members with full attention. I play daily and if anyone who joins needs help, me and my members will gladly help. Join today i'm sure you'll have a blast. smiley

Guild URL:

sunday 07/06/2009

Close this, He founded his own guild smiley

Guild:582412 is the best guild and we are urban fighters.. We are friendly and a fresh new guild annd looking for peopel that are 27+ and active and what not smiley smiley We are cool... and of to a fresh new start Join!!!
guild:582412guild:582412guild:582412guild:582412guild:582412guild:582412guild:582412guild:582412 smiley

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