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sunday 13/04/2008

Im buying gheist the ones i want are methan, dr. saw, z3r0 d34d,and bristone
offers here or message me

Mods please close i got one

I will trade or accept offers

690 thats one hundred less then on market because she is fully lvled

saturday 12/04/2008

Sold Toro

Ill buy him for 700

Mods cud you close this. Some v.nice person sold me him

I want to trade my tessa cr for ombre cr. if anyone inter please prv me. tks

I don't even know how this thread go through in the first place.

Hi guys.i need a cheap eyric or leviatone to make a really good ELO deck.i can give about 6-7 k for one of them.thnx for reading and helping.

I will trade Murphy and give you 100 clintz

As title says..i'm buying kolos..any level..pm me with offer


No longer want or need this card I would trade her for any good offer clint or cards I will take trades. Looking for Gheist so that might help.

I would love a Toro I know this is a dumb offer now but every one knows page will rise in price as toro will fall in price in two weaks.

Buying/ trading for methane, z3ro d3ad, luba, and leviatonn, and/ or dr. saw
post price and which card here

Ye basically, and since 0xp is worth more, you would have to add clintz to the trade.

If you want ggo to the market and find it


friday 11/04/2008

Never mind I got a few on the market for 16k so you can close this. Lol they are up to 20k+ now lucky me.

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