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saturday 02/02/2008

What about cassio cr

I have 160 doubles let me know what you want

300 for Gaia Noel.

Vickie 15000 clints and tanaereva 10000clints 24000 for both

How much is Kinjo?

Close this please everything are sold

The price goes up and down i got a gertrud for 1000 clints last week youst watch the market if new cards came out they real expensiv after some days the price go down cards that are older the price its somtimes higher on lower leves if you can use the lower level cards in elo

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Hi i'll trade my katchukhay for your card

Trading my max sigmund cr and dragan cr for lao cr

Lowered price to 1300

Put an offer of 800 for zdrone

I will buy uranus for 1200... send me a private message..

Ummm... I'd like to help, but what's makes a good card is relative to the deck you're building.

friday 01/02/2008

Hi moby long time no see =D, anyway could i get ur Timmy for 700?

I have willy at full level

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I'm paying for armand 1k

Uruanos or trimkkt

Note, jasmine1 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Lol nah i want mods 2 close dis plz mods close thissmiley

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