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tuesday 01/01/2008

Nistarok and timber for my morphun max leveled

1800 clint for hugo

I already got a blaaster..mod close this thread..smiley

Buying Kerry for cca 5000 clintz

Mod Please close this coz my real life friend and i have reached an agreement

You guys are funny. Nistarok is worth 3500 clintz and Corina only worth 1000 Clintz........... If the clintz gap is not too huge , I would be willing to trade, but not 2500 clintz. You can't rip me off, lol

A Marlysa at full level + a Miss Chloe for your Marlysa 0xp? PM me if interested..smiley

monday 31/12/2007

You know if you sold Kinjo and Striker you would have enough right?

4500 if its maxxed.

I am looking for a Marlysa Cr (Cr). i am willing to give 100K, Splata Cr (Cr), Miss Twice Cr (Cr), Selsya Cr (Cr), Tessa Cr (Cr)

I do but sry not givin away cuz i got timber an xia leming

Syndey lvl max isn't gonna cover 14k lol

Which rare card? And Storm King is in the lead (Sorry Panzer i already said it was a week tourney SRY!)

Curvecut...DEAL!! chek you private message

I'll buy skull face 159

PM me with your offer for Elvira level1

6400 kerry

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