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sunday 08/04/2007

Selling 3 star timber make your own offers smileysmileysmiley

I've got lvl 4 Morphun

I have a dragan cr and a Reine Cr I want to trade them for vickie and gaiasmiley or trade for vickie Gertrud
Armand and Copper .If anyone accept this deal,plz give me a message thxsmiley

saturday 07/04/2007

I will buy for 3500 if u want.

Buying Sigmund Cr for 45000 clintz.

Someone selling ?

Buying Sigmung Cr for 45.000 clintz

5000 for (max) Methane

I will buy it

Ok you got your self a deal

friday 06/04/2007

Hey people i'm selling Hugo fully maxed for about 9 k

Im willing to pay 40k for vickie and 9500 for perle

I sell Maeva she 3 stars ..who buysmiley

Gramy pomozece mi plis a bo nie iwe e co ro bic plis a >

Yes i have but contact me by private message only.

thanks. smiley

I sell my ashigaru and tyler for ur card

Have bridget and yayoi make offers both level max

thursday 05/04/2007

500 clints

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