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sunday 06/01/2008

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U havent got a single clue shes 4k on the market and her value says shes 3k 900

Buy him at da shop if ur desprate

Now buying kerry for 3k

I don't think this will work but I'll have a try.

Anyone selling Dragan Cr for 90.000 clintz and my eternal gratitude? smiley

I don't have doubles nor more clintz so don't ask for them. I'd like to do a better offer but that's all I can get right know.

Thanks for your help thats what i figured but did not know for sure

Hey. i have extra Kenny
but i already have Tyler , Rosa and Yayoi

saturday 05/01/2008

Aright then,,, wat cards u got?,,, i gotta max bryan, wardog, dean, jane ramba, bruce, python, n burger,,,smiley

Decided not to get Lamar so please close thread

Hey Moderator, I am done here, can u close this please?

Please close this thread...

You can close this thread..thanx to sumone i got rubie..smiley

I'm closing this, i have already sold the card away thanks anyway

Jimbo is Leamilionair smiley

I have gotten all the cards I wanted, thank you.

It is 19000 on market,
i offer 11000

450...not maxed

Hey im looking to buy 0xp noodiles for 600

Also willing to trade lvl 2 or 3 noodiles for her

Please smiley

THank you


Looking to buy him for cheap if anyone is kind =/ im kind of poor... =]

Hello All , Please Closs this subject I bougth my Swidz for 12 001 Clinzt !! Thank yousmiley

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