monday 01/06/2009

Spots are filling, but we are still accepting new members! ELO is on the horizion and we'd love to have a bigger team!!!

I am looking for a guild thats fun has events and thats active.I normally get over 1200 in ELO and I collect alot of clans.

Join Kings of Computers.

I would like to join your guild as a administrator message me

sunday 31/05/2009

K ill be lookin over the guild's k guys

Join guild:541981

Plz close mods!smiley

saturday 30/05/2009

Lowest levels must be level 10 no lower XD need people that are dedicated to a point smiley

friday 29/05/2009


Join UMa, and become one with the madness!

It's a good guild with lots of friendly people. smiley

thursday 28/05/2009

Good point. smiley
I am closing this for now. Please repost on the right thread.


wednesday 27/05/2009

Join guild:568192
it is a great guild with an active forum. We are hoping to be the best in elo and all around. Don't wait another second and join us.
must be lvl 40 or greater

He is currently in a guild. I don't see the point of keeping this thread open. smiley

If you(pro wolf) still wishes to continue with this thread, please contact me directly.

tuesday 26/05/2009

Hi check out the Elite Army Boot Camp, the aim of the boot camp is to help members under level 25, by giving them advice, and sharing decks with them. Once you reach level 25 you may join Elite Army where, there are more high levelled players who can offer you more advice. Both guild are very active and both guilds have regular activities and tournaments going on.


Good Luck
Thanks For Reading!

Go to WMD! Wise Men Distracted... best guild in the game. You won't be sorry.
You are level 31 and it's worth a shot.

join Lu Bu
we have over 100 deck ideas and lots of messages

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