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monday 28/01/2008

Moderators..please close the thread..smiley

I'm either trading Dorian and Jackie for :

Splata Cr

I do have some Freaks and Montana to trade and also 1 or 2 from Bangers and Uppers

I will buy :


Unmaxed rolph for a maxed 1

Hey ill give you graksmxxT his stronger and ill probably need more clintz for him if u got him thats that then hey

I would like to trade my 100 maxxed John for 1 or 2 good Crs. Hopefully Marlysa Cr if anyone is willing. I DO have 100 maxxed John cards and only need 1 lol. I AM NOT SELLING THEM AS SINGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will trade for Crs or will sell 50 at a time but WILL NOT sell singles. DO NOT LEAVE POSTS ASKING TO BUY 1 JOHN OR ASK HOW MUCH FOR ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To everyone who reads this post and doesn't post stupid offers, thank you.

Oh..this might mislead players..so to clarify things..

no one knows what cards will come out this coming Friday..
and no one knows if we will be having a new leader any time soon aside from the ones we have now..
we may or may not have a new leader card..it will depend if the game designers want to have one or not..

Offer, I want to buy to kolos to an agreeable price and if a collector is possible

sunday 27/01/2008

Where do i buy it
it isn't in my private sales or anythingsmiley

Mods please close this thread, I don't have virtually any doubles left

This would have been better in the Introduction and Recruiting threads but thats ok. What kind of help are you looking for exactly?

Close this sold out

Hmmm, sorry this should be closed. i dont have those cards a 4 long time... please close this. thanks

Im buying willy and vermyn n i only want to buy 1 of them right now say your prices and ill see

Anyone interested for a trade? i have some rare cards you may like!
i really like the kenny card....

Sellin zoltan for 900 and johnn for 2000

smileyOffer she looks nice...smiley

Gaia Noel
level 2 Carlos
Dr Saw (C)- level 4
ill trade u them

I have somesmiley

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