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monday 25/02/2008

I ll offer 12k!!

4.6K and Igniss/Lilith.
PM me if you're interested, thanks.smiley

I've got a flavio cr! so... this subject is closed!

thanks a lot boys smiley

At moment im selling these cards smiley

wee lee
warren 1
lama noju

im interesed ony n these cards now

juicy lord
Pm me with offers smiley

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100k jks i cant effored it

Dude i got fully evo z drone for 2100

and i can tell u he's hard to levcel up

I have sold all of my Rescue mods please close this, Thank you

Thanks to everyone who put in bids, ON 20 evo won the Aution and received Kolos smiley Congrats.

Thanks Mods, you can close this thread now smiley

sunday 24/02/2008

There's crazy enough people out there... wonder how much he'll take it at though.

More like introdutions and recruitment

Wow 30 miss twice cr cool

Ill give you 3800 for ambre!!!

I have all the ula watus so i'll sell u them. how much will u give me?

I'll give you swidz cr maxed for your freak cards. how many freak cards have you got? dont say all of them please can you state a number.

Don 900

It's obvious fallonsmileysmileysmiley

I'll sell you a swidz cr but how much will u give me for it?

I think fallon has a multiple account or he is just scamming..

Need tessa for 33k+Graksmxxt

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