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friday 23/03/2007

Please make a serious offer or it will be ignored. I prefer offers by pm. Good luck!

Ill pay 40k for her any lvl

What the hell weter

thursday 22/03/2007

Right Now I Only Have 54 Cltz But I Will Win More To Pay

You could also PM me for your offer smiley

wednesday 21/03/2007

I'm trying to purchase Lyse Teria; I own a 206 cards and 2 CR's willing to buy or trade for it, as long as it's reasonable and not at the robber baron pricing, if trading expect equal value and careful calculation.


tuesday 20/03/2007

I'll put both in privates sales for 50 and you can put tyler in mine for 50 also, ok?

You sell more cheap of the market or more expensive?

I buy tanaereva for 9000

I selljim full star for 2000

monday 19/03/2007

How much is nahi(C) im willing to pay 900 plzz say yes an pm me plzzz

Ive got beltran give an offer

sunday 18/03/2007

I'm looking to buy a collector for 80 - 90k and a high profile trade such as dragan or Marina or for a lower costing collector such as sigmund or melisa. Looking for cr's usable only in elo, would like to get ARmanda if possible smiley

And maxed Zatman for 6800

saturday 17/03/2007

Hey eveyone i'm buying Lost Hog sellers please PM me don't write in here cause i don't read this that often!!!

Ive sold it for 8000 clintz

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