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friday 04/04/2008

Title says it all

if you don't have Miss Twice then I'll entertain offers MSGed to me.

What u got

I selling ielena, for like market price.... btw...


I've sold all I wanted to sell. This thread can be closed thnx

Ill take them 4 5k if ur interested?

900 for Zoltan

PM me about Yookie and Shakra if you'd like to buy.

Buying fangpi cards tell me if you have Yuske Macumba Linda

I will sell you mine for 2300

thursday 03/04/2008


I'm trading my OMBRE with your REINE and I'm also trading my SPLATA with your SKULLFACE

If interested, please mail me.


How much for estalt

I really want kenny i will buy him lev 1 for around 18,000 or higher levels for more

Doesn't matter what exp, but i'm looking to pay around 18k, if anyone is interested pleast let me know, it's a bit under market price I know, I can add some more if needed.

I got steve kerry and lea

This should go in the Tournements and Events forum

Mods please close, he isn't trading or selling cards

Good point Vanter, I should have specified. For me, Brent's offer is = to 64k taking into account the -3k for cards and putting Morphun at a normal price of 7k with the Kolos at 12k


Well i think he means 1,800 clintz not 1,800,00

I want an Ambre but she is to overpriced in the market any1 want to sell it to me

You'd be better off buying the credits and selling what you get than trying to trade like this

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