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thursday 03/04/2008

Isn't selling the card in the middle of an auction against forum rules?

If my post ever gets here never mind that... i already pm you

Please close

Soz all sold please close

Scrap that i'm making a deck with miss chloe unless you still want klaus i'll give him to you for 210

Lol that is way under price murphy is 1.2k-1.5k so thats 1/3 of pay and ive seen offers u make. try make higher offers

O forgot to say close this subject plz ^.^

ANY multiple accounts are strictly against the rules.

Might need it sometime

Timber bridget vansaar hugo- 800clintz
saisan 400

participate 1 battle at tournaments it would give you 50clintz no matter what is your place

wednesday 02/04/2008

Below Market Price Please!!!

Juz Private Sales

Olga for 11.5k

How much moolah?

I am buying bodenpower. I am also trading some cards for it.


You offer.

msg me!

I am currently making a NightMare/UPPER elo deck and im looking to purchase Kenny. Anyone that is generous enough to offer him at a low price approx 18 - 21k kindly pm me. Thanks

Yup. Now it's 4800. The price rises and falls constantly every day.

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