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wednesday 02/04/2008

I can sell u b ball

Selling 2 Hattoris
PM me with ur price

tuesday 01/04/2008

Close the subjects plz i got my vickie

I am buying Murphy an Don for 600 or less.

This post was from December of 2007. Mods-Please close this thread.

I don't "need" anything, but I'm willing to trade or sell, so just throw an offer at me through PM if you want and we can try to work out a deal.

Ok put your nistarok up for 550 and i'll put bryan up for 50 smiley

Can someone close this topic. thank you very much.

Yay modz please close this already soll according to BOUR_KingTrex

Bump bump bump smiley

Nvm now..got it..can close it

Its not like people already didn't know.
Oh, and laxin don't try to ruin someone's business transaction.

I'll sell him to you for 400.

Buying LaJunta cards

if you have the following


good offers pls

1002 clintz

How much 4 ashigaru

monday 31/03/2008

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