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thursday 19/07/2007

Looking for Uranus , Lunatik & GraksmxxT

pm me for offer , thanks

wednesday 18/07/2007

I am selling hugo level 4 and buying Ashigaru

Maybe they forfited so much and lost so many points they went back to lv1.smiley

Hi Jerome

Im looking for gaia please if you have her PM for offers, i am ONLY looking to trade. thanks

Dudes,i just agree with stormwind,but another idea i was doing lately,is to pm all those who have "in sales on the market",whenever i buy a card for cheapsmiley
Last time,i saw her just 2000 clintz and it seems no one is buyingsmiley
Now you need a miss twice,i think she is like 5000+ nowadays,anyways if ever again another soleil appears,you should and i will collect a lotsmiley

tuesday 17/07/2007

How do I know that it is at 0 exp if I buy it from the market? and there is not many lv1 Wandas in the market.. But it havce one now so this thread is no longer needed.

Purcase them with real cash or partisipate in toruments daily

Aqui você pode ver todas as habilidades


monday 16/07/2007

I will give them
jim cr
thaumtrge cr
and 2024cl

YesI am looking for Rass at a fair price, so post how much you want preferably lv1.

Lookin for Ulu Watu / Uppers CHEAP price pls.

dont have creds, so private sale. smiley

many thanks,

....woah......( 2 expensive fo me...)

sunday 15/07/2007

Portuguese looks a bit like spanish smiley

But what she wants to give is her account (i believe is another one) with those cards for a Vickie or a Jackie

I'm looking for a havok at any lvl but cheper than the market thx in advance smiley

saturday 14/07/2007

Have kerozin
diyo swidz tessa cassio nahi page post me offers card you will trade or how much you will buy

Yes thank you sven

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